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Articole si interviuri din domeniul Resurselor Umane


Interview with Oliver Perkins, Managing Director Brainovate

1. Mister Oliver Perkins please tell our readers a few words about you and how you chose to work in the HR field.

I was born in Ireland and have worked with global brands with my company Brainovate. Although my home has been in Bucharest for the past 10 years I spend more time on planes than in Romania. Legacy Leadership® is the latest offering on the market for HR and business leaders.

2. Why should anybody prefer Brainovate to other Training company?

It’s not really a question of preferring us or not. For starters, we don’t consider ourselves a training company in the traditional sense of the word as such. We are a group of creative likeminded professionals from different backgrounds who are experts in creating innovative environments and bringing the best out of people. We are passionate about change and work with companies who demand something exciting and different. We don’t provide off the shelf courses but rather facilitate “experiences” that help people grow and learn. So if a client wants more than the standard shirt and tie training experience then it’s when they choose to work with us.

3. How did the present economic context affect the company you lead?

The crisis has had an effect on us….but as someone once said: out of adversity comes opportunity. It made us really assess who we are and what we are offering the market. We discovered that the demand for our brand of facilitation is transferable globally. Strategically we felt that it’s better not to go hammering on every HR door locally but adopt a two level strategy of focusing our energy on key clients in Romania as well as new markets , for example the office in the UAE that we are opening in February.

4. What is the difference between leadership and management from your point of view?

Books and thesis have been written about the difference and similarities and everyone seems to have their own opinion. I prefer to keep it is as simple as possible and tend not to debate this issue too much on my programmes as this can be counter productive. However for me leadership is about Future, People and Growing other leaders whereas management is about managing things and maintaining the day to day organisational status Quo. Both are essential and one should not exist without the other.

5. Which do you consider to be the benefits of attending the Legacy Leadership programme you are promoting?

Legacy leadership® is not just a programme, it’s a life model, a way of being not just doing. Legacy leadership® refines reliable time honoured principles into an intentional system for life and business success, today and tomorrow, for self and for others. It outlines and defines the way the organisation does business, in every meeting, every operation, every project at every level. Legacy leadership® assumes that every employee is a potential leader and as such is a model that can be applied at all levels professionally and organizationally. If you ever find yourself asking the question “what would people say about me when I’m gone?” then Legacy might just be for you.

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