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Descrierea firmei:

WHO WE ARE and what makes us different

Who are Brainovate? Well let’s start with who we’re not!

1. We are not boring “shirt and tie” trainers - the type you often see on the market today nor do we want to be! Our small and committed team at Brainovate are made up of an eclectic mix of talented people from various backgrounds including theatre, hypnosis, the military, sport as well as business. This means we have years of experience behind us, know how to manage and engage people and offer real value in the training room.

 2. Our primary aim is to get CEOs and business professionals thinking and implementing change as well as developing skills as painlessly as possible.

3. We believe that, contrary to popular belief, people are NOT a company’s most important resource, but rather HOW these people use their brains to achieve high performance. We show companies and individuals how to do this.

 4. Although there are some great trainers out there, we deliberately recruit from outside the training field. We recruit confident, experienced, career professionals and teach them to use our own unique methodology - a process that has worked time and time again with leading international organizations throughout Europe.

WHAT WE DO and why we do it

We specialize in 3 key areas: Leadership Development, Team Development and Skills Development including coaching, sales and negotiations, communication and presentation skills, marketing and customer care training. We believe that companies that offer everything often deliver very little. We prefer to focus on what we know we are good at.

We are committed to the principle of 100% course customization because relevant, well conceived materials increase the chances of course success. Unlike some other companies who customize small parts of their courses, we ensure that every page, every case study, every role play, every exercise of your programme is tailored exactly to your needs.

We conduct some of the most in-depth qualitative needs analysis and pre-course consultancy on the market today. We strongly feel that training success is determined by CEOs’ and senior managements’ “buy in”.  Prior to the training, we conduct a series of face to face interviews and Gap identification analysis with senior stakeholders to ensure competencies are aligned to company goals.

We follow up individual competency development with Brainovate assessment tools at the end of every programme to measure transfer of learning.


"Have fun while you learn". Brainovate’s unique brand of facilitation is based upon this simple principle. People learn faster and are more open to change when fun is factored into the equation. This doesn’t mean playing silly games with your people (we all know how that feels), it means offering enjoyable, interactive programmes and relevant activities that achieve clearly defined goals and objectives.

Over the years, using the skills and experience from various industries and backgrounds, we have developed our own methodology. Some call it "entertrainment", an exciting mix of entertainment and interactive experiential training which is designed to get results easily and with a smile on your people’s faces. Our programmes are delivered in English or Romanian.

We use arguably one of the world’s best personality and team Assessment Tools, the SDI®. This is a highly practical tool which has proved invaluable in developing high performance teams and achieving organisational goals.

These are some of the reasons why clients tell us that our courses are enjoyable, memorable and that most importantly the learning actually sticks.

We believe there’s nothing remotely similar to what we do on the market today.



Servicii oferite:

  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Skills development in areas such as:
    • Sales & Negotiations
    • Communication & Presentation Skills
    • Customer Care
    • Marketing
    • Coaching





  • adresa:Hipodromului 30D, Corbeanca, Ilfov
  • telefon:021 230 99 83
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