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Nefertiti Human Capital Consulting

Descrierea firmei:

Nefertiti was one of the first women to realize that regardless of the size and the complexity of an organisation — irrespective of its type — it is the head that defines the style, establishes the tune, chooses the direction and becomes the interface between the organization and its « audience » . She used these principles in an intelligent way and consolidated an empire, becoming one of the most powerful women in the world.

            NEFERTITI Human Capital Consulting was born as a consequence of the need, almost visceral, of the human resources market in Romania to find the ideal balance between the quality and the cost of services.  In time, the existing companies in this field in our country have situated themselves on one of the two extremes: exceptional quality and huge costs for these services, or low quality and minimal prices, leading to an immediate loss of customers’ confidence (either employers or candidates) in the helpfulness of human resources consultants. The medium segment, represented by the most accurate customization as much as possible, of the services, according to the current needs of the Customer, to the re-building up of the service packages related to the Customers’ demands and the request of a reasonable fee, has been left uncovered. This is exactly the area within which the vision of Nefertiti Human Capital Consulting matches itself perfectly.
            Our advantages: quality at medium prices. This system is possible and the 8 years experience of our advisors confirms it and it is a guarantee for the following fields:

  • Advertising and advertising production,
  • Marketing and PR,
  • Distribution and selling,
  • Finances – accounting,
  • Design and execution in the industrial field,
  • Civil and industrial constructions,
  • Tourism and hotel services,
  • Medicine and pharmacy,
  • Banking services,
  • FMCG,
  • Oil products and auxiliary products,
  • Human Resources,
  • Automotive

The fame of our advisors and the respect towards the Customers causes us to assume, as early as the beginning of our collaboration, a series of responsibilities related to the ethical code of our company:

  1. We communicate the existence of  some potential conflicts of interest and  our collaboration with competitor  companies
  2. We ensure the total confidentiality of the information received or learnt by hazard with the occasion of  negotiations / execution of the contract
  3. We are objective and professional; we offer only real information and we do not « enrich » the skills of our candidates or of the person evaluated in order to influence the Customer’s  decision
  4. Taking into account the risk of not  succeeding in fulfilling our assumed commitments, we recommend only  those candidates who meet in a proportion of minimum 90% the Customer’s requirements.
  5. Taking into account the same risk of not succeeding in fulfilling our assumed      commitments, we do not influence the results of the evaluation / audit of the  human capital in order to obtain a pre-determined result; we do not assume the role of a “screening wall”
  6. We shall not contact already placed or  employed candidates, evaluated by our company, in order to place them in other vacant positions.

NEFERTITI Human Capital Consulting can become by turns, when you need it:
- personal legal adviser specialized in the labour legislation,
- human capital auditor,
- rapid and professional recruiting consultant,
- neutral and competent psycho-professional rather,



Never follow a path already followed, it will lead to places where others have already been.
(Graham Bell)


 Servicii oferite:

  • Executive search
  • Labour legislation consultancy
  • Human capital audit
  • Assessment




  • adresa:Str Jean Steriadi nr 14, Bucuresti
  • telefon: 0726873181
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