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Total Business Solutions

Descrierea firmei:

Total Business Solutions is the business partner for companies who wish to excel on the Romanian market. To this end, we offer a complete package of services, which places our client companies in the best position to dominate their chosen field of operation through maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees.

Executive Search & Recruitment

TBS can provide quality personnel for permanent or temporary positions at all levels (e.g., entry, clerical, middle and top).We do this through a combination of headhunting, database selection, advertising and on-line and campus selection.

Recruitment is the area of greatest focus by most companies in our field. As your recruitment specialist, TBS offers the following important advantages compared to other human resources firms, which operate in Romania:

  • Extremely fast service and response time due to our broad database of highly-qualified candidates, at all levels from clerical to top management
  • A flexible fee structure related to positions, volume, specialization, etc.
  • An unconditional guarantee period from 3 months to 1 year, according to the position;
  • Consultants with relevant experience in multinational companies and who are specialized in recruitment for different fields, including marketing, finance, sales, human resources, manufacturing, IT, banking and law, etc;
  • Qualified psychologists who participate in interviews in order to assist both the Client and candidates during the recruitment process including, amongst other things, elaborating a permanent psychological evaluation of candidates in order to hace the best match with the Client's company culture.

Personnel Evaluation/Psychological Cognitive Abilities Tests

Personnel evaluation has proven to be one of the most important needs of many companies. TBS meets this need by starting at the recruitment process, where we can provide our Clients with a comprehensive profile of individual candidates, including a multidimensional profiling of personality and aptitude characteristics. To do this, TBS uses a complete battery of tests; a candidate questionnaire adapted to the Client's company objectives and/or environment, personal interactive analysis ("role-playing") and job environment simulations.

The TBS team has upgraded their human resources consultancy and recruitment services with the acquisition of a new psychological tests battery, licensed and standardized for the Romanian population: Psychological Cognitive Abilities Tests.
This is an acquisition that will greatly assist and support our clients by significantly strengthening the quality of the results of each of our projects, and thereby ensures that each
client achieves his objectives.
This battery can be easily adapted to all HR services and increases the data accuracy level of all your projects:

  • Recruitment
  • Personnel evaluation
  • Training needs assessment
  • Training results assessment
  • Career advice

HR Audit & Organizational Consultancy

Our consultancy services are designed to assist our Clients to improve their employees' quality, performance and motivation; to optimize the size and structure of the in-country organization; to ensure that employees understand and adapt to international business practices and to improve their own understanding of country and/or cultural specifics.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Advice and assistance on Organization, including:
    • Human Resources audit
    • Identification of organizational development needs
    • Development of job descriptions, job analysis and organizational design
    • Implementation of changes to organizational design
  • Assistance in Human Resource policy, including:
    • Compensation and benefits surveys
    • Compensation policy design
    • Pay grid design and implementation
  • Assistance and support in cross-cultural adaptation and integration, including:
    • Advice on local laws, processes, attitudes and environment
    • Team-building exercises
    • Employee development programs
    • Employee motivation systems
    • Employee satisfaction surveys

TBS has developed two main products:

  • Human Resources ( HR ) Audit
  • Manager Integration Process ( MIP )

The use of HR Audit in the organization:

This product is designed to offer to the management a complete picture of the organization’s human resources position and the business operation. This evaluation process and its results prove their utility for various management decisions:

  • the development of a strategic plan to improve the state of the human resources situation within the company
  • when a new General Manager comes in the organization
  • when a client company is interested in buying or acquiring another company that is currently in business

If a company is interested in having a complete view of the status of human resources activities within the organization, the solution for receiving objective, qualitative information is the outsourcing of this project. Our team of professionals will use their experience and knowledge in offering you an accurate and comprehensive picture, within the shortest period of time.

The use of MIP ( Manager Integration Process ) in the organization:

This product is designed to provide immediate integration of a person in a new supervisory or managerial position and to eliminate wasted time by the manager/supervisor and/or the staff member constituency in the department, unit, team, etc.

Results include clear communications and understandings among the two sides to come together and to jointly move toward productivity as quickly as possible and to provide commitment from both sides to come together defining potential problems and obstacles with suggestions for solutions and creating team efforts for success. MIP ensures that all staff members hear the same message at the same time, this eliminating miscommunication.

This product is useful in the following situations:

  • hiring of a new manager
  • internal promoting of a manager


TBS provides training courses in several fields: sales (e.g.: basic selling skills, merchandising,, marketing (e.g.: basic marketing, market research, communication and presentation skills, negotiation skills, human resources and finance (e.g.: new fiscal regulations, finance for non-finance employees,

Prior to commencing a training program for Client, TBS begins with a detailed identification of the training needs and objectives, which is done together with the Client.

Total Business Solutions in partnership with specialized trainers developed many kinds of seminars and workshops, of course, including those of a technical nature. These programmes can be of assistance to individuals, depending upon their experiences to date and the problem faced by the organization.

We focus our programmes in enhancing the necessary professional skills and competencies for individuals within an organization to obtain highest performance.

Moreover, in building the programs, we use the expertise from our psychological tests battery. This information helps us to establish the kind of exercises, to mix individuals within the case-studies and to offer an accurate group dynamic feed-back to the clients.

TBS provides Training in several fields such as Human Resources, Marketing, General Management, Customer Management and Financial Management. All programmes are developed together with our consultants, who already acquired experience in their field during the last 10 years, in multinationals. TBS consultants are able to provide the whole battery of trainings in Romanian & English language and they are covering all SCEE.

We already delivered integrated programmes for Discovery Network Channel London, Brau Union Romania, GlaxoSmithKline Romania, Garry Weber, Hexol Lubrificants and GIPO Pescar.

Our Trainers can provide different programs within:

HR area:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Team Building

Finance area:

  • Finance for non-finance

Marketing area:

  • Foundation of Marketing
  • Advanced Marketing Tools

Customer Management:

  • Management of the Sales Force
  • KA Management
  • Advanced Sales Techniques

Programmes for all functions:

  • Effective Negotiation
  • Effective Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Effective Leadership
  • Micro Economical Business Simulation Management

Using their experience can develop more other tailored programs, from which we can give just few examples: Coaching, Micro Economical Business Simulation Management, Retail Network Shops Management.

Prior to commencing a training program for a client, TBS begins with a detailed identification of the training needs and objectives, which is done together with the client.

After each training program, TBS provides the client with a summary and evaluation of the training program’s results.

Career Management

This service is provided mainly to candidates. To help them define their career path, TBS invites them to an assessment and development center, where we use a range of specific assessment tools, such as detailed interviews, tests, interactive exercises and role-play.


 Servicii oferite:

TBS provides professional services in the area of Human Resources, including:

  • Executive Search & Recruitment
  • Personnel Evaluation/Psychological Cognitive Abilities Tests
  • HR Audit & Organizational Consultancy
  • Training
  • Career Management






  • adresa:Str Matei Basarab, Nr. 108, Bl. 74, Sc. 2, Et. 4, Ap. 54, Bucuresti
  • telefon: 021 320 60 27
  • fax: 021 323 70 15
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